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    • Added a table of contents to topos, a section on "special classes" and one on "higher toposes".

    • following Zoran’s suggestion I added to the beginning of the Idea-section at monad a few sentences on the general idea, leading then over to the Idea with respect to algebraic theories that used to be the only idea given there.

      Also added a brief stub-subsection on monads in arbitrary 2-categories. This entry deserves a bit more atention.

    • the entries dependent type and indexed set did not know of each other.

      I have now cross-linked them minimally in their “Related entries”-sections. But this would deserve to be expanded on for exposition…

    • added to E7 the statement of the decomposition of the smallest fundamental rep under SL(8,)SL(8,\mathbb{R}) and SL(7,)SL(7,\mathbb{R}) (here) and used this then to expand the existing paragraph on As U-duality group of 4d SuGra

    • recorded some recent surveys of the status of MOND at MOND

    • I often use this definition in other pages. It is referred to as additive categories in papers on differential categories but it is confusing.

      v1, current

    • Discovered this old stub entry. Added some missing cross-links and adjusted the wording slightly.

      diff, v4, current

    • brief category:people-entry for hyperlinking references

      v1, current

    • Fixed typo in Definitions section

      Anthony Hart

      diff, v3, current

    • turning this into a disambiguation page. Most of the category theory material on here was a duplicate of material at source.


      diff, v8, current

    • brief category:people-entry for hyperlinking references

      v1, current

    • brief category:people-entry for hyprlinking references

      v1, current

    • I added a couple of references for the claim

      There is a Curry–Howard correspondence between linear-time temporal logic (LTL) and functional reactive programming (FRP).

      How about for CLT and CLT* (in the computation tree logic section)?

      Were we looking to integrate this section with the one above on temporal type theory as an adjoint logic, could there be a way via some branching representation of our type TimeTime as a tree?

      I see Joachim Kock has an interesting way of presenting trees.

      diff, v18, current

    • in order to satisfy links, but maybe really in procrastination of other duties, I wrote something at quantum gravity

    • added pointer to:

      • John M. Lee, Riemannian manifolds. An introduction to curvature. Graduate Texts in Mathematics 176 (1997), Springer. ISBN: 0-387-98271-X. Second Edition (retitled): Introduction to Riemannian Manifolds (2018), Springer. ISBN: 978-3-319-91754-2 (doi:10.1007/978-3-319-91755-9)

      diff, v16, current

    • brief category:people-entry for hyperlinking references

      v1, current

    • Added the property that final functors and discrete fibrations form an orthogonal factorisation system.

      diff, v22, current

    • added a brief historical comment to Higgs field and added the historical references

    • just a stub for the moment, in order to make links work

      v1, current

    • starting a category:reference-entry.

      Just a single item so far, but this entry should incrementally grow as more preprints appear (similar to what we have been doing at Handbook of Quantum Gravity and similar entries).

      I know that a soft deadline for submissions of at least one of the sections is this December, so I am guessing this is planned to appear in 2024.

      v1, current

    • We should have an entry on large N limit gradually. But sometimes it can be treated as a semiclassical limit. I quoted a reference by Yaffe where I originally read of that approach to the entry semiclassical expansion.

    • added references for higher curvature corrections in 11d supergravity

      diff, v5, current

    • Made a start on an article fixed point, which might need to be farmed out to “sub-pages” (as this is a mighty big general topic).

    • Cleaning or creating entries related to corings (e.g. grouplike element, Sweedler coring) and entwining structures, including personal entries Gabriella Böhm, Tomasz Brzeziński etc. On the edge of this activity I am interested in the relation between classical correspondence between flat connections and the descent data in abelian context; it could be related to the theorem of Urs and Konrad on the relation between descent data and transport functors in global context. I would like to know the parallel precisely.

    • starting page on the real numbers type


      v1, current

    • I added more info on pseudo double categories and double bicategories to double category. I also simplified the picture of a square, which had been bristling with scary unnecessary detail. There's a slight blemish in the left vertical arrow, which I can't see how to fix.
    • brief category:people-entry for hyperlinking references

      v1, current

    • a category:activity-page for hyperlinking references to a new conference series which we are organizing

      v1, current

    • entry to be !include-ed in other entries for ease of cross-linking

      v1, current

    • brief category:people-entry for hyperlinking references

      v1, current

    • changed “involution” to “anti-involution”

      diff, v61, current

    • brief category:people-entry for hyperlinking references

      v1, current

    • brief category:people-entry for hyperlinking references

      v1, current

    • added some indication of the actual construction, below the statement of the theorem.

      (This might deserve to be re-organized entirely, but I don’t have energy for this now.)

      diff, v23, current

    • Signed graphs need not be simple graphs. Added: cycle signs; two kinds of homomorphism.

      diff, v4, current