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    • CommentAuthorJohn McCarty
    • CommentTimeAug 2nd 2020
    Dear nForum members,

    I ran across your site as i was finishing my book/Art project and found your philosophy of interest as resonating with my own.
    I reach out here to introduce myself and project - below please find the abstract and the book which is freely observable on line
    Many thanks

    3.0 i: Abstract/Letter of Introduction

    Greetings fellow sojourner seeking,

    Please pardon my interruption; I wanted to take the

    opportunity to briefly introduce myself through my art

    and, as such, invite you to peruse my book project with

    title: i, in the palm of my mind : the chapters are

    available to observe and consider online at

    In my book, I explore - through various writing and

    art formats - a series of desperate tho related concepts

    ranging from cosmology to consciousness and free will.

    And I propose and explore some intriguing models

    you may want to consider such as regarding time and

    how it results in the apparent EPR paradox and, as well,

    a structural and mechanistic model for how matter and

    mass connect as well as provide some detail on the

    relationships of time/gravity and other forces.


    I propose time as a 3-dimensional quasicrystalline net

    of collapse events against the fabric of a fully collapsing

    modular host pattern and describe where said pattern resides

    I describe how to extract time from the pattern and evolve

    a universe such as ours from a point containing

    modular maths such as elliptics

    I propose a unique model for the electron

    (and nucleon components) as a resonant folded

    wave/anti-wave (4:1 ratio in the electron) pattern in

    the motif of a tetrix: a tetrahedral pyramidal fractal fold

    of mass/void and the consequences of such regarding

    the observed matter dominance in our universe and

    its evolution

    I describe the w/~w basis of the 3-state equilibrium

    of photon/electron interaction as the tetrix tetrahedral

    fold equilibrates with a cubic fold allowing point collapse

    of part of the electron folded wave and how this yields time

    and the EPR/Bell's inequality observations as waves and

    anti-waves transition through the collapse state and

    invert to yield the changed state

    I explore how neutrinos may be the mechanism of

    motion/momentum for the folded-matter waves and

    how motion may be realized on a fully collapsing,

    modular host with implications for how gravity

    differs fundamentally from other forces

    I elucidate a system - derived from neutrino oscillation

    - detailing how rotational inertia is related and maintained

    relative to linear momentum in a universe where the only force

    is simplification and describe how momentum is prone to condense

    with the greater frame of reference

    I describe how the universe relies on de-construction

    of its core information pattern, where the 'particle' machines

    ur-data is extracted, sending the information by two mechanisms

    to distant location and re-combining to yield the collapsible cubic

    architecture: this results in alteration, temporarily, of the pattern

    that consequently inflates our universe and this process can

    occur reversibly without wave inversion beneath the

    time collapse events

    I describe entanglement as superposition/co-collapse

    of mirrored, adjacent waves thus creating linkage to

    subsequent collapse with inversion required as

    observed time events

    I propose straight-forward bases for the dark matter

    and dark energy observations and describe the cycling

    of universe iterations at our local site in the uberverse

    including provenance of the high negative entropy

    that is energy

    Those are in part I of the book's triptych; if you find

    these topics of interest, there are others that I find even

    more intriguing in the remainder:

    For example, I describe a functional definition of soul and

    point to cryptic components, such as our ur-brain memory:

    a cross-generational repository/information system which

    provides survival utility as a fundamental evolutionary tool

    This is interpreted in relation to the concepts of free will/choice

    And I introduce potential reasons to question whether digital as

    fundamentally differing, with relevance, from IRL

    Please enjoy as you wont - it is intended purely and simply as art

    and as such, simply and purely to inspire your art

    Many thanks for all your good works,


    * June/July 20/20, JSM