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    • CommentRowNumber1.
    • CommentAuthorUrs
    • CommentTimeNov 12th 2013
    • (edited Nov 12th 2013)

    finally created the category:reference-entry for Lurie’s chromatic lecture. See Chromatic Homotopy Theory

    (And as a special service to the community… with lecture titles. ;-)

    • Lecture 1 Introduction (pdf)

    • Lecture 2 Lazard’s theorem (pdf)

    • Lecture 3 Lazard’s theorem (continued) (pdf)

    • Lecture 4 Complex-oriented cohomology theories (pdf)

    • Lecture 5 Complex bordism (pdf)

    • Lecture 6 MU and complex orientations (pdf)

    • Lecture 7 The homology of MU (pdf)

    • Lecture 8 The Adams spectral sequence (pdf)

    • Lecture 9 The Adams spectral sequence for MU (pdf)

    • Lecture 10 The proof of Quillen’s theorem (pdf)

    • Lecture 11 Formal groups (pdf)

    • Lecture 12 Heights and formal groups (pdf)

    • Lecture 13 The stratification of FG\mathcal{M}_{FG} (pdf)

    • Lecture 14 Classification of formal groups (pdf)

    • Lecture 15 Flat modules over FG\mathcal{M}_{FG} (pdf)

    • Lecture 16 The Landweber exact functor theorem (pdf)

    • Lecture 17 Phanton maps (pdf)

    • Lecture 18 Even periodic cohomology theories (pdf)

    • Lecture 19 Morava stabilizer groups (pdf)

    • Lecture 20 Bousfield localization (pdf)

    • Lecture 21 Lubin-Tate theory (pdf)

    • Lecture 22 Morava E-theory and Morava K-theory (pdf)

    • Lecture 23 The Bousfield Classes of E(n)E(n) and K(n)K(n) (pdf)

    • Lecture 24 Uniqueness of Morava K-theory (pdf)

    • Lecture 25 The Nilpotence lemma (pdf)

    • Lecture 26 Thick subcategories (pdf)

    • Lecture 27 The periodicity theorem (pdf)

    • Lecture 28 Telescopic localization (pdf)

    • Lecture 29 Telescopic vs E nE_n-localization (pdf)

    • Lecture 30 Localizations and the Adams-Novikov spectral sequence (pdf)

    • Lecture 31 The smash product theorem (pdf)

    • Lecture 32 The chromatic convergence theorem (pdf)

    • Lecture 33 Complex bordism and E(n)E(n)-localization (pdf)

    • Lecture 34 Monochromatic layers (pdf)

    • Lecture 35 The image of JJ (pdf)

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