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    • CommentAuthorFrancoisL
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2018
    Hello everyone, I am new to nLab and would like contributing! For my master's thesis I worked on ordinary differential equations using Stieltjes Integral and I would like to contribute my work to start exploring links between Stieltjes differentiation and other differentiation. This is why I would like to contribute the Stieltjes Integral page, so I can familiarize myself with nLab page editing/creation, and I was wondering if someone would be interested in coaching/working with me on creating the Stieltjes integral page.

    Thank you so much for responding or pointing me in the right direction if this forum isn't the place to find this help!
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    • CommentAuthorTodd_Trimble
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2018
    • (edited Nov 30th 2018)

    I already responded at the other thread. As I suggested there, this would be an interesting project (to me, anyway) if Stieltjes integration and differentiation were put in a certain “structural” light that emphasizes categorical themes such as duality. As you may know, this wiki emphasizes a categorical (and higher categorical) view on mathematics – culturally this might be very different from cultures familiar from hard analysis.

    One of my professors in graduate school was François Trèves, who was fairly immersed in an abstract Bourbaki-like environment for treating PDE theory. Some of my tastes in analysis were formed by him, and also by Rudin’s books. (But I am very, very far from being an analyst. Toby Bartels is an nLab contributor who seems to have studied analysis in some depth, but he is often coming at things from a constructivist or intuitionist angle, so again that could be very different from what you are used to.)

    So, I say we can give this a try. We could use some beefing up of some analytic topics. For example, I don’t think we have anything on Lebesgue decomposition. We do have a bit on Radon-Nikodym derivative.