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    • CommentRowNumber1.
    • CommentAuthorjesuslop
    • CommentTimeJun 15th 2019

    Hi, at Stabilizer Group, the notation for action groupoid used (one slash) seems not to fit with the one at action groupoid (two slashes). Not changing myself for the sake of prudence.

    • CommentRowNumber2.
    • CommentAuthorDavid_Corfield
    • CommentTimeJun 16th 2019
    • (edited Jun 16th 2019)

    Yes, that’s right. I’ve changed what I could see there to ////. Sometimes people use \sslash, but not all browsers show it. I see that another option is /!!/. Let’s compare:

    • X//GX//G
    • X//GX/\!\!/G
    • XGX\sslash G
    • CommentRowNumber3.
    • CommentAuthorjesuslop
    • CommentTimeJun 16th 2019

    Thanks for updating, the three options render ok here in Chrome and Edge in Windows.

    • CommentRowNumber4.
    • CommentAuthorUrs
    • CommentTimeJun 16th 2019

    I find that \sslash gets two much whitespace besides it (same problem in LaTeX, too). It looks better when done as


    to get XGX\!\!\sslash\!\!G.

    In my local LaTeX code I am happy to implement this way. Here on the nLab I am hesitant, because we never know if some time in the future the default typesetting of special characters such as \sslash will change.

    In this respect, while not perfect, the hack X/\!\!/G might be better, since it is more unlikely that the spacing of the plain slash will ever be changed.

    • CommentRowNumber5.
    • CommentAuthorMike Shulman
    • CommentTimeJun 16th 2019

    I expect that is because \sslash is a mathbin; writing X \mathbin{/} G in LaTeX gives it an equal amount of space. I’m not sure what kind of symbol / is, but writing X\mathord{\sslash} G in LaTeX reduces its space to within spitting distance of X/GX/G. That seems a somewhat more principled option than adding negative space around it (and probably likely to look better in some cases too; I’ve found that sometimes when LaTeX is squeezing things to fit on a line it makes my negative spaces become actually negative and thus overlaps some characters). We can’t do that here, but maybe Richard could change something about the MathML generated by \sslash? I don’t know what the analogous options are for MathML.

  1. Hi, I’m happy to change it if I can (probably I can), but from a quick glance at the above discussion I’m not sure exactly what I should change it to. Could somebody summarise?